A Comprehensive Physiotherapy Centre in Preston

Once podiatry and physiotherapy were regarded as two different things. Still, today they work together more and more to treat pain, sports injuries, and other ailments and discover the root cause and assist them from never happening again.


Our physio team in Preston provides a holistic service that will investigate and diagnose your injury and source of pain and the underlying causes that could be bringing you pain.

Let our physiotherapists assist you across a wide range of ailments

Practitioners in this field traditionally assist people with sports injuries, while podiatrists generally help with foot and ankle-related pain and ailments. Our expert team blend both areas to present a well-rounded program for all clients. On top of that, we can work together to discover how your entire body and biomechanics function to treat the root cause of pain in the lower back, legs, ankles and recurring injuries like hamstring tears.

Gain access to leading physiotherapy technology

We use the latest systems that are proven effective in both diagnosis and treatment of injuries and pain, including shockwave therapy, which is highly effective in managing and treating subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions that can cause a lot of debilitating pain. Not only will you have access to exceptional practitioners, but also the best treatment methods available.


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Unique and tailored solutions

We don't adopt a one-fits-all model and deliver tailored, customised treatment plans for each individual, including services like dry needling, pilates, and much more. Here at our physiotherapy centre in Preston, we want to get the bottom of every ailment and provide the right solutions to assist you in recovery. For example, many injuries like back complaints are caused by feet and ankle issues, so you will benefit from combining these two practices.

Preston Office

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