Can Physiotherapy Help With Tennis Elbow

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Can tennis elbow be fixed? Read on to see how physiotherapy can help.

Tennis elbow is a slightly misleading name. For one thing, it doesn’t just impact the elbow; the tennis elbow can often also be felt in the forearm and wrist. Secondly, you don’t just get it from playing tennis. Many different repetitive wrist and arm motions can result in a person suffering from tennis elbow.

However, if you’re suffering from tennis elbow, the causes can seem trivial and academic; you just want it to stop as soon as possible! There are countless cases of physiotherapy being able to help with tennis elbow. With the right treatment from a qualified physiotherapist, you can recover from the tennis elbow more quickly and effectively.

A good physio can help with your tennis elbow. Get in touch with our team at Align Health Collective and we will start you on the road to recovery.

What is tennis elbow?

The official medical name for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. It is a condition where the tendons (the tissues that connect muscle to bone) of the elbow become overloaded after repetitive motions.

Tennis elbow is a common problem for, as the name suggests, tennis players, but many other people suffer from it as well. If you notice ongoing discomfort in your elbow, this may be an indication that you’re suffering from tennis elbow.

Symptoms of tennis elbow include pain and weakness. People who have tennis elbow might notice that it becomes difficult to do things like:

  • Hold things, even light things like a cup of coffee

  • Grip objects — holding a phone or shaking hands can be challenging

  • Tasks like turning on a tap or a doorknob

Does physio help tennis elbow?

Physiotherapy has been shown to have a positive impact on tennis elbow. In fact, physiotherapy can help tennis elbow recovery times, and get you back to health faster.

A physio might recommend treatment for tennis elbow that includes things like:

  • Exercises

  • Ultrasounds

  • Bracing

  • Compression

Does tennis elbow fix itself?

Sometimes, the tennis elbow can alleviate all by itself. In cases where the damage to the tendon is minor, and where you’re able to rest, avoiding doing anything to aggravate the tendons, you may find that the tennis elbow gets better in a matter of days or weeks.

However, the area and movements that the tennis elbow affects make it a particularly tricky area to rest. People with pets or children, or people who must perform physical labour as part of their job, might find it especially hard to abstain from movements that aggravate the tendons.

In these instances, hastening the recovery process with a visit to the physiotherapist is especially helpful.

Do I need surgery for tennis elbow?

There is surgery available for tennis elbow. In what is often a keyhole surgery, the damaged tendon is removed. This alleviates pain and allows for improved mobility. The outcomes can be positive, but like any surgery, there are risks being managed and considered.

The good news is that, usually, surgery is not necessary for treating tennis elbow. Most of the time, a physio is the best course of action. If pain persists for several months, or if the injury is of a nature that would require further attention, a physiotherapist will be able to advise you of the best treatment and specialists to deal with your tennis elbow.

Think you might be suffering from tennis elbow? Recover more quickly with assistance from a qualified physiotherapist. Get in contact with our team at Align Health Collective, and we can start accelerating your recovery ASAP.

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