Check in?

With actions such as lockdowns and social distancing dictating our level of human interaction in recent times, it is easy to start feeling isolated.

Considering the recent societal shift, it is now especially important to make a conscious effort to check in, not only with others, but also ourselves to make sure that we are ok. It may seem like a small gesture, but by simply reaching out, whether it be via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp or text message, it may relieve the feeling of isolation for others.

Below are a few benefits and tips for checking in with ourselves and others:

Benefits of checking in with others:

– It reassures others that they are not alone.

– It encourages others to do the same, creating a ripple effect amongst networks.

How to check in with others?

– Simply send a message or call a friend, colleague or loved one to start the conversation.

– If you’re feeling lost on how to reach out to others, use some of the follow conversation starters to break the ice:

– ‘How are you today?’

– ‘I’m feeling a bit down, and wanted to see how you are?’

Hand Watch

‘What’s been happening?’

Benefits of checking in with yourself

– It provides mental clarity. Sometimes we aren’t sure why we don’t feel like ourselves, but by stopping and acknowledging your mental state, it allows you to reflect on your current emotions and can result in a positive change in mindset.

– It can also encourage others whom you’re living with to do the same.

– It promotes healthy mental hygiene.

– It reaffirms your self-worth and reminds you that you are important!

How to check in with yourself?

Ask yourself ‘How am I feeling’ and answer that question truthfully. The opportunity to ask yourself this question is limitless, however to a healthy mental hygiene routine, try and do this daily.

Write how you’re feeling down or discuss it with someone you feel comfortable with.

Remember – it’s okay for you or others to not feel like yourself, but acknowledging your current mindset is important. Check in with others and check in with yourself.

Take care.

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