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Understanding Corn and Callus Removal in Indooroopilly

Corns and calluses can be more than just a cosmetic concern; they often lead to foot and heel pain, impacting your daily activities. Our treatment process in Indooroopilly is designed to not only remove these troublesome skin formations but also address the underlying causes to prevent recurrence.

  • Gentle corn and callus removal: We use gentle techniques to remove corns and calluses, ensuring minimal discomfort during the process.
  • Personalised care plans: Our experienced team creates personalised foot care plans tailored to your needs, ensuring effective and targeted removal.
  • Preventing recurrence: Beyond removal, we focus on preventing corns and calluses from returning. We offer advice on footwear choices and daily practices to keep your feet healthy.
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​What Are Corns and Calluses on Your Feet?

What Is a Callus?

A callus is a thickened area of skin that forms in response to repeated friction or pressure. It’s the body’s way of protecting the skin from irritation. Commonly found on the soles of feet or palms of hands, calluses can sometimes become painful if not addressed. 


  • Repeated friction or pressure on the skin
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes
  • Walking barefoot on hard surfaces
  • Using tools that cause constant rubbing against the same region of skin 
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What Is a Corn?

Corns are also hardened layers of skin. However, they are different from calluses in their shape and location. Corns are usually smaller when compared to calluses, and corns have a hard centre covered by inflamed skin. They usually develop on or between your toes, which can cause discomfort or difficulty walking without pain.


  • Pressure and friction, but have specific triggers
  • Tight or narrow footwear
  • Foot deformities
  • Activities that put too much pressure on certain areas of the feet, like wearing high heels or playing high-impact sports

Recognising these causes can help in making lifestyle adjustments to relieve foot pain and prevent corns from returning. Notably, taking care of corns and calluses is also essential for diabetic foot care, as these growths can often cause continual infections or form ulcers in patients with diabetes.

Chalerm Tuantab, Align HC Founder:
“Our aim is to provide the best evidence based care and outcomes for our patients”

How does bulk billing work?

  • All you need is the EPC plan referral from your GP and you will be eligible for bulk billing at our clinic.
  • No concession card required.
Corn and Callus Removal Indooroopilly

Treatments for Corns and Calluses

Something as small as light ankle pain could turn into something a lot worse down the road. It’s best to go for a biomechanical assessment if you’re feeling any sort of lower limb discomfort.

Professional helpIf the issue persists, seek professional assistance from a podiatrist. We can offer expert advice and can perform pain-free removal procedures.
Orthotic insertsConsider using orthotic inserts (or custom-made insoles) to alleviate pressure on certain parts of your feet. These can prevent pain while providing additional support and comfort.
Regular moisturisingKeep your feet hydrated by regularly applying moisturiser. This helps soften the skin, reducing the chances of calluses forming.
Pumice stoneGently use a pumice stone to smooth away rough skin. This simple tool can be effective in managing both corns and calluses.
Wear comfortable shoesChoose footwear that fits well and provides good support. Avoid tight or narrow shoes, especially those that put pressure on painful areas of your feet.

Compassionate Podiatry Services

Taking care of your feet doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for specialised services to get rid of your corns and calluses effectively, consider exploring our tailored corn and callus removal services in Indooroopilly.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience that allows you to step forward with confidence and comfort.

Common Podiatric Treatments We Offer in Indooroopilly Include:

Injury PreventionA crucial aspect of sports physiotherapy, this type of approach entails evaluating an athlete’s movements and biomechanics to identify potential injury risks and implement preventive strategies.
Acute Injury ManagementWhen an injury occurs, such as a sprained ankle or strained muscle, this type of sports physiotherapy focuses on prompt treatment to reduce pain, swelling, and further damage while promoting healing.
Injury bounce backSports physiotherapy involves targeted exercises and treatments aimed at restoring function, strength, and stability to the affected area.
Performance OptimisationBy assessing and enhancing an athlete’s movements, biomechanics, and physical performance, this type of sports physiotherapy helps optimise athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.
Return to SportWith the ultimate goal of safely returning an athlete to their sport or activity, this type of sports physiotherapy includes the development of a return to sport program and continuous monitoring of the athlete’s progress.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the specific treatments offered will depend on the individual needs and conditions of each patient. Our goal is to provide personalised, evidence-based care to help our patients achieve optimal foot and lower limb health.


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Frequently Asked Questions Podiatric

Does callus removal hurt?

No, callus removal is not painful. At Align HC’s podiatry clinic in Indooroopilly, our skilled podiatrists use a gentle approach to ensure minimal discomfort during removal. We prioritise your comfort and well-being, aiming to make the experience as pain-free as possible.

What tools are used in callus removal?

Podiatrists use specialised tools for callus removal. Some common tools include:

  • pumice stones
  • scalpels or blades
  • electric callus removers
  • emery boards or foot files
  • moisturisers and softening agent

Does corn removal hurt?

No, corn removal is generally not painful. Our podiatrists in Brisbane use specialised tools and techniques to remove corns almost painlessly. If you have concerns or specific questions about the process, discuss them with your podiatrist. We will provide guidance and ensure a comfortable experience during the removal.

What services does Align HC’s podiatry clinic offer?

Our podiatrists can help with a range of foot and lower limb conditions. We treat patients with ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendonitis, bunions, diabetic foot ulcers, and much more. We also have a variety of treatment options available, from manual and exercise therapy to biomechanical assessment and custom orthotics. These options allow us to create highly effective, personalised treatment plans for our patients.

Still have questions? Email our friendly team at [email protected] or give us a call.