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AlignHC Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy Services

A Personal and Award Winning Approach to all of your Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Dietician and Personal Training needs.


Our team provides professional and sound physical intervention, education and advice for the best patient centred care and outcomes. Our approach is to provide both short term and long term prevention of future problems and injury. Each of our physiotherapists and podiatrists work together to create an individualised treatment plan to get you back to your regular routine. You’ll find us at four locations with sports podiatry clinics in Indooroopilly, Kew, Preston and Oakleigh.

Physical Therapist


The Tools You Need


We use the latest technology to assess and treat our patients and complete a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment to find the underlying causes of injury. Our qualified team understands the complexity, movement and function of the body, which allows them to work towards providing individualised treatment plans to work in partnership with you as we focus on achieving recovery goals.

Physical Therapy Session


Putting You First

We take a team approach and work in partnership with you for your ongoing care. We put you first by listening to your needs and building a relationship based on collaboration and trust. Our physiotherapists are committed to your ongoing treatment that is both achievable and realistic, while moving forward towards reaching and maintaining your goals.



At Align Health Collective, we are sports podiatrists in Kew, Preston, Oakleigh and Indooroopilly (Brisbane), who have extensive and leading experience in all aspects of physiotherapy, feet and lower limb healthcare.  


Our practitioners offer their expertise to create unique and tailored solutions – from dry needling, clinical pilates, to posture improvement and more – to get you moving and back to being active with better strength and function. We believe in providing excellence in diagnosis and treatment and working together as a professional network to maximise your recovery. Painful feet and lower limb pathologies can lead to significant general health problems, as well as time away from work, limiting your activities with family and friends and substantially reducing your quality of life.


We take the time to listen to you and understand your history so that we can assess and diagnose your issues quickly and accurately, providing you with an individualised recovery plan. We invite you to come and see one of our professional and friendly team at Physiotherapy centre Oakleigh, Preston, Kew and Indooroopilly. We offer the highest standard of patient care, whether you are a long-term patient or visit us for a one-off treatment.



Shop1, 56 Cotham Road, Kew VIC

2/226 Bell Street, Preston VIC
2/162 Drummond Street, Oakleigh VIC


1/49 Station Road, Indooroopilly BRI