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Expert Footwear Advice

At our podiatry clinic, we prioritise your well-being with a commitment to hassle-free healing. Explore the wonders of our Sports Podiatry Clinic on Station Road, manned by seasoned, award-winning professionals dedicated to reducing your pain and maximising your physical potential.

Our award-winning approach ensures a swift and tailored recovery. With no gap fees and bulk billing options, we make healing convenient and affordable. We take pride in offering expert guidance on selecting the right shoes and foot protection.

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Personalised Foot Care and Advice

Our specialised service provides personalised recommendations aimed at reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing overall foot health. Whether you’re seeking comfortable work shoes, stylish casual footwear, or podiatry-approved options for various activities, our team is dedicated to ensuring your feet are well-supported and cared for. Step into a world of tailored advice for happy and healthy feet. 

At Align HC, we don’t just treat symptoms; we understand and pinpoint the root cause of your pain. Experience comprehensive care that focuses on your specific needs, guiding you toward a future where mobility and freedom are expected. Discover the benefits of podiatry at Align Health Collective – your partner in achieving a life of absolute freedom of movement.

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What Is the Cost of Podiatry Services in Indooroopilly, QLD?

We provide completely bulk-billed Medicare consultations without any gap fees. If you have enquiries regarding bulk-billed consultations, ask your doctor about an EPC Care Plan. Feel free to contact us – our amiable staff will be happy to assist you.

For precise cost estimates tailored to your individual needs, reach out directly to our clinic for price points. The expense associated with professional podiatry care in Indooroopilly varies and is influenced by factors such as the specific clinic, the range of services provided, and the nature and extent of the required treatment. 

Chalerm Tuantab, Align HC Founder:
“Our aim is to provide the best evidence based care and outcomes for our patients”

How does bulk billing work?

  • All you need is the EPC plan referral from your GP and you will be eligible for bulk billing at our clinic.
  • No concession card required.

Why Is Proper Footwear Important?

The importance of wearing proper footwear cannot be overstated, as it affects your overall physical health. We’ve summarised the advantages below:

Features of a Proper Footwear
Footwear FeatureAdvantages
Mobility and activity levelsSupports natural movement patterns Enhances overall mobility Promotes a healthy, active routine
Pressure distributionEven distribution of pressure across the feet Prevents localised pressure points Alleviates discomfort Contributes to overall foot well-being
Posture and body alignmentBetter balance Significantly reduces risks of musculoskeletal issues Long-term physical well-being
Cushioning and shock absorptionAbsorbs shock during daily activities Prevents undue stress on joints Minimises impact-related injuries Promotes long-term foot comfort
Support and alignmentEffective arch support Maintains natural alignment of feet Minimises strain Enhances overall foot health

Understanding Your Foot Type

When it comes to giving footwear advice in Indooroopilly, you have to know what best suits your feet. We emphasise the significance of a proper fit tailored to your foot type, ensuring both comfort and optimal foot health.

Different Foot Arch Types

The three main foot arch types are low arches (flat feet), normal arches, and high arches. Each has distinct characteristics, impacting how weight is distributed across the feet.

How Foot Type Influences Shoe Selection

Your foot type determines the type of shoes that provide the right support: 

  • Low arches require extra stability 
  • Normal arches benefit from neutral shoes
  • High arches need cushioning for shock absorption

Why Is a Proper Fit for Different Foot Shapes Important? 

Wearing shoes that fit your foot shape is crucial. It prevents discomfort, blisters, and sports injuries. Properly fitted shoes also support natural movement, enhancing overall foot health and comfort.

We cannot discuss any footwear advice without discussing the types of shoes you ought to wear for the various activities you will take part in throughout the day. 

Podiatrist-Approved Footwear for Different Activities

  • Footwear for work
    Prolonged hours at work demand specialised footwear. Podiatrist-approved work shoes, like those featuring ergonomic designs and shock-absorbing soles, promote proper posture and reduce the risk of discomfort or pain.
  • Casual outings
    Casual doesn't mean compromising foot health. Podiatrist-approved casual footwear prioritises arch support, cushioning, and a proper fit, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and supported during everyday activities.
  • Fitness and sports
    Podiatrist-approved athletic shoes are engineered to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Look for features like shock absorption, stability, and flexibility, tailored to the specific demands of your chosen sport.

Common Podiatric Treatments We Offer in Indooroopilly Include:

Injury PreventionA crucial aspect of sports physiotherapy, this type of approach entails evaluating an athlete’s movements and biomechanics to identify potential injury risks and implement preventive strategies.
Acute Injury ManagementWhen an injury occurs, such as a sprained ankle or strained muscle, this type of sports physiotherapy focuses on prompt treatment to reduce pain, swelling, and further damage while promoting healing.
Injury bounce backSports physiotherapy involves targeted exercises and treatments aimed at restoring function, strength, and stability to the affected area.
Performance OptimisationBy assessing and enhancing an athlete’s movements, biomechanics, and physical performance, this type of sports physiotherapy helps optimise athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.
Return to SportWith the ultimate goal of safely returning an athlete to their sport or activity, this type of sports physiotherapy includes the development of a return to sport program and continuous monitoring of the athlete’s progress.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the specific treatments offered will depend on the individual needs and conditions of each patient. Our goal is to provide personalised, evidence-based care to help our patients achieve optimal foot and lower limb health.



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Bulk Billing

We offer fully bulk-billed Medicare consults and do not charge a gap fee. If you have any questions about bulk billed consultations, ask your doctor about an EPC Care Plan or feel free to give us a call and one of our friendly staff can help you.

45 Minute Initial Consults 

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Multidisciplinary (MDT)

At our Brisbane podiatry clinic, we offer Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Exercise Science, Dietetics, Clinical Pilates, Shockwave, Dry needling and much more all under one roof.

Open Saturdays!

We’re open on Saturdays every week, at every location! Book now as these spaces fill up very quickly. If you can’t find a time that suits you, please call our friendly team on 03 9853 7836 or email us at [email protected]

Expert and Award Winning Physicians

4x Award-winning clinicians with over a combined 40+ years of experience.

We Care

We truly care about you, your history, your injury, and your results. Every treatment strategy is created with you in mind.

Align Health Collective Brisbane

We are conveniently located near the centre of Brisbane, with plenty of parking available nearby.

Address: 1/49 Station Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068

Tel: 07 2103 3978 

Email: [email protected]

Walking Instructions (from Indooroopilly Station):

  1. Via Westminster Rd and Station Rd (350m, 6 minutes approx.):
    • Head towards Westminster Road.
    • Follow Westminster Road until you reach Station Road.
    • Turn onto Station Road and continue until you arrive.
  2. Via Station Rd (350m, 6 minutes approx.):
    • Proceed directly to Station Road.
    • Stay on Station Road for the entire route.
    • Continue along Station Road until you arrive.
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Frequently Asked Questions Podiatric

What services do podiatrists offer for foot health?

Podiatrists assess and diagnose foot problems and biomechanical issues, create treatment plans, and prescribe medications. They also perform surgeries, provide orthotic devices like insoles, and provide comprehensive, preventive care and education to keep feet healthy.

What are common foot problems?

Common foot problems include plantar fasciitis, bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, and issues causing back and knee pain.

How can proper footwear prevent plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis prevention involves selecting shoes with essential arch support, maintaining proper foot alignment, and minimising stress on the feet.

​How does choosing the right footwear help avoid common foot ailments?

To avoid bunions and calluses, opt for footwear that minimises pressure points and friction, ensuring a comfortable and proper fit. Preventing ingrown toenails and corns involves choosing correct footwear width and sizing to reduce tightness and pressure on the toes.

​How can footwear contribute to avoiding back or knee pain?

Selecting shoes that promote a natural stride can not only prevent foot pain, but also provide adequate support and minimise stress on the spine and joints, which helps prevent back and knee pain.

Still have questions? Email our friendly team at [email protected] or give us a call.