Best Parks in Melbourne for Outdoor Bootcamp Sessions

Best parks for bootcamps

There are many benefits of doing your exercise outside, from avoiding gym fees to boosting your mental health – and did we mention all the dogs?

With COVID-19 restrictions easing and people are getting back to working out, there are many beautiful airy spaces where you can get your blood pumping while enjoying the different scenery around you.

Living in Melbourne means you have access to some of the best outdoor fitness locations, where you can hit the pavement by yourself or meet with an organised class before gathering with friends and colleagues for some festivities.

Our favourite outdoor workout areas in Melbourne

Princess Park

Enjoy that iconic Melbourne air in this vibrant park where groups frequently get their blood pumping. Most boot camps last for 50 minutes at the location and are offered mornings and evenings on select days. Some providers offer a free trial but be prepared because sessions are challenging. Once your class is done and dusted, the Melbourne Zoo is close by or for a bite to eat. Alternatively, or you can’t go past the Parkside Cafe.

The Mo Moran Outdoor Reserve Gym

For some of the best free outside fitness gatherings, head to Mo Moran Reserve Open-air Gym, where you can join with friends or take your family for strength training. For a bit of family fun after using the equipment, there is easy access to the beach, where you can enjoy the sand and some casual paddling. For a bite with your friends or loved ones, head to Jerry’s Milk Bar – just a short walk away.


For an all women’s boot camp, look no further than South Yarra’s Fawkner Park. The outdoor fitness Melbourne gatherings are different each time and you. The exercises will see you working up a sweat from engaging on your abs, thighs, and butts by doing circuits, boxing and cardio. For a morning brew after your workout, visit the luxury hotspot, Bench Coffee.


Whatever type of gym practice you’re into, there is a range of exercise opportunities that start in the Edingburgh Gardens. These can be tailored to your group – from mums and bubs, corporate group classes or even lone rangers. They have mastered the art of boot camp-style gym sessions. Tin Pot Cafe is a short walk from the gardens where you and your workout buddy can meet for some brunch or a delicious cup of tea.

Merri Creek Trail

For your own fitness or meeting with your friends, the Merri Creek Trail is surrounded by water and stairs that you can ride your bike, run the stairs or walk your dogs along the path through several of Melbourne’s suburbs. If you make your way south, you can arrange to meet your friends at the Abbotsford Convent for a coffee at Cam’s Kiosk.

Creating a Healthy Balance

Of course, if you need to give your body some T.L.C, exercise also goes hand-in-hand with physiotherapy. The team at our clinic offers physiotherapy in Kew designed to embrace this level of support. Our consultations provide professional physical intervention when you need it most. The education and advice we give is designed to help you reach your goals and keep your body in the best possible shape. Get in touch now to book an appointment.

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