rhys floro

Rhys Floro, Podiatrist Melbourne VIC

Senior Podiatrist

Rhys Floro is a Senior Podiatrist who obtained his Master’s Degree in Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University in 2015. He possesses the expertise to assess, diagnose, and manage musculoskeletal injuries, and provides his clients with specific rehabilitation programs to recover from injuries quickly. Rhys adopts a holistic approach while treating his clients and is committed to achieving the best clinical outcomes to maintain or enhance their quality of life.

Rhys is a certified personal trainer who specialises in rehab/prehab and functional training. His in-depth knowledge of human movement and biomechanics enables him to create the best possible treatment outcome for his clients through developing strengthening and mobility programs.

Rhys’s areas of interest include:

  • Achilles and Calf Pathologies
  • Foot Pathologies
  • Sports-Specific Ankle Injuries.