How to get the most out of your physio program


Injuries can restrict your ability to exercise correctly, leading to further injury and potential cessation of your planned treatment program. Issues such as back pain may be relieved through a physio program written by your Physiotherapist, in order to get the most out of your program, we recommend the following.

With many programs being focused on fitness and health, we find a lot of patients presenting to the clinic for injury management caused by improper care when attempting their new training plan. The commitment to your new management plan can quickly fade away if further injury concerns prevent you from being active.

We encourage all of our patients to approach their programs with a conjoining healthy lifestyle to achieve their set goals; however, we also want them to do it properly. Today’s blog will explore some handy tips for avoiding injuries to allow those aforementioned goals to be easily achieved, without additional injury and/or concerns.

“Set Achievable Goals”

Going from no exercise to overloading and doing too much is the most common cause of injury for untrained patients. Depending on your level of fitness, we recommend setting a small goal initially and increasing by approximately 10% per week. If your body has not undertaken a lot of exercise in recent times, you may be at risk of overloading an uninjured and but unconditioned muscle group.


Correct warm up routines are critical, particularly if you haven’t exercised for a prolonged period of time. Your mind may be ready for change, but your muscles may not quite be there.


We have written blogs in the past on the importance of recovery. It is especially useful when beginning a new program as it will reduce soreness or concerns that may reduce motivation to continue.

Examples of good recovery are:

● Appropriate amount of rest

● Hydration and nutrition

● Stretching and cooling down

“Immediate Management of Injuries”

If you do unfortunately experience an injury such as a hamstring strain, ankle sprain, or plantar fasciopathy, it is vital you look after it immediately. Treating an injury correctly during the first few moments after experiencing it can drastically improve recovery success. Utilising RICE principles and seeking professional advice as soon as possible are basic but excellent options to ensure a better recovery.

If you have any further questions, or any other foot, leg or knee issues you should book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists in Indooroopilly or physiotherapists in Oakleigh, or physiotherapists in Kew, who are able to tailor a program or assessment specifically for you. To contact us you can give us a call on (03) 9568 1011 or alternatively you can book an appointment online.

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