How to Avoid Common Summer Injuries

Common Summer Injuries

Working out when it’s warm? To stay healthy and fit even when temperatures soar, it’s best to be on the lookout for these common injuries. Let’s look at some of the most common challenges and illnesses exercisers run into during fairer weather.

Summer Work-out FAQs

Here are our tips on how you can avoid seasonal ailments, so you can stay safe and on the move.

What are the common sports injuries typically seen during this season?

As many sports lovers have been cooped up inside or working out indoors during the winter, summer is a great time to burst out into the sun.

Whether you’re hanging to go for a hike, jump on a surfboard or cycle to and from work, among other activities, this time of year is perfect for spending time outdoors. The downside? You may experience sprained joints and strains due to limited stretching or use during the cooler months.

Although some surfers jump out in the winter, many will have shoulders unprepared for long paddles. Likewise, with hiking enthusiasts – your knees, feet and ankles are often unprepared for long-haul walks on uneven and inclined terrain. Looking forward to biking back to work?

Commonly seen among runners and bikers alike, IT Band Syndrome often flares up through overuse. If you’re unsure, your IT band (short for the iliotibial band) is the tissue running from your knee from your hip and shinbone.

Why do people get sick during the summer?

Although many people associate the cooler months with cold and flu seasons, heavy air conditioner use, seasonal allergies and heat and sun-related injuries are common during the summer.

Are you heading out to more group activities and festivals when it’s warm? Many viruses – including the common cold and cases of flu – transmit best through person-to-person contact.

How can I stay healthy and active when it’s warm?

Even the everyday sports enthusiast should be aware of easing into a new fitness routine when the seasons change. Instead of jumping into the surf or hitting the off-road trails as soon as the sun comes up, consider adapting your regular activities a few weeks before the season starts.

Surfers and swimmers might focus on the upper body and core strength and agility. Always consider the range of motion in your shoulders before jumping back in.

Cyclists may increase their leg strengthening workouts and focus on stretching out their lower body. Focusing on the IT band – and relieving existing band tension – can go a long way.

Hikers and runners will also benefit from IT band work, as well as strong and flexible feet, ankles and glutes. Many lower body or overuse injuries can stem from inactive or improper muscle use higher up in the low back and pelvis. It’s important to speak to a professional about how you can reengage your whole body before jumping in.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Sports Injuries

We know how important it is for many of our patients to stay active and on the move. Instead of risking an injury, or getting sick during the fairer months, our team always recommends:

Staying hydrated: Remember, if you already feel thirsty, you need to top up.

Wear a hat: This is important to limit direct sun exposure and keep your core temperature down.

Be time conscious: Avoid exercising outdoors during peak sun hours to limit the risk of sunstroke and heat stroke.

Wear SPF Sunscreen: This is important in order to avoid skin damage. Try to exercise during early morning and late afternoon/evening hours if possible to reduce exposure to peak UV rays.

Stretch and Ease In/Out: Although a warm body may not feel like it needs to prep before activity, our internal system’s need for stretching before and after activity doesn’t vary season to season. Always warm up, cool down and ease in and out of activity to reduce the risk of injury.

Want to speak with a professional about your better weather routine? The team at Align Health Collective are well-versed in keeping our patients active, even during the summer.

Instead of risking feeling run down or run off your feet, chat with our team of podiatrists in Kew on how to maintain a preventative approach to sports injuries today.