What exercises to do for lower back pain

Whether you lift weights at the gym or spend hours working at your home office, a healthy back is essential to your overall wellbeing. Keeping physical fitness in check will reduce back pain over time.

Many strenuous activities over time can contribute to lower back pain symptoms, so it's important to know what exercise options are available. If you are looking for some simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home that may assist in shifting low back pain being experienced, give the following a go:

3 exercises for lower back pain

Have you been stressing about lower back pain symptoms but have no idea where to start for relieving tension?

Simple hamstring stretch

Do you go for daily jogs or play a sport? Not only can stretching the hamstring muscles relieve low back pain, but it is also great for the buttock muscles and stretching the legs for peak athletic performance.

Sit on the floor with your legs straight and keep your feet flat, extending your arms and bending your waist as far as possible. Do this while keeping your knees in a straight line.

Bodyweight squat

Not only is this exercise simple, but it will help your body move better throughout the day. With your feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind your head and knees bent to a right angle, lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for a few seconds, and then return to the first position. Easy and effective!

Knee to chest stretch

The knee to chest stretch is great for pain relief, removing any excess tension from your body. Lay flat on the floor, keeping your knees bent and your feet flat. Pull your right knee towards your chest with two hands, holding and releasing after 30 seconds, and do the same to the opposite leg. Feel free to bring both knees to your chest for a better stretch!

For an alternative exercise that can be done anywhere, roll your shoulders backward and in circles, slowly turn your head from side to side, press your shoulder blades together, hold, and then repeat.

Lower back pain exercises to avoid

Are you experiencing lower back pain during your workout? Understanding what exercises are causing discomfort not only helps you feel more energised, improves your mood and gets your body moving, but reducing pain will contribute to a more positive experience.

Leg lifts

Sometimes leg lifting can relieve lower back issues and help reduce backaches. They are effective at strengthening stomach muscles, which is crucial for back health.

Unfortunately lying on your back and lifting them together will worsen back pain. Try this modified leg lift to reduce lower back problems rather than using a leg lift.

Toe touches

This is known as a good warm-up activity but standing toe touches can also lead to mild discomfort. Toe touches while standing can increase the risk of sciatica, so you don't want to risk straining your lower back muscles. Try out the bird dog exercise as an alternative.


Sit-ups are generally used in any workout routine. However, this can put a lot of pressure on the spinal cord and contribute to lower back issues and make the pain worse. Ideally, you want a gentle stretch.

Double-leg raises

Lifting both legs with your back flat on the floor won't help back pain but aggravate it. Single leg raises are a much more effective alternative, as they work both the upper body and lower body, building strength over time.

If you do have lower back pain, consider consulting a physiotherapist to determine the best course of rehabilitation. Professional advice, planned exercise programs and individualised treatment are highly recommended when experiencing discomfort.

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