Can physiotherapy help resolve your dizziness?

I’m sure many of you have childhood memories of being able to spin around and get dizzy whilst having a great time?! Now in Adulthood you may have experienced episodes of waking up and your room spinning, or you feel as though you are rocking up and down on a boat without any explanation of why-this is not a fun experience at all and is the reality of many of today’s population.

Balance disorders and dizziness are a growing and common concern in Physiotherapy practise in people of all ages. Much to many people’s beliefs, Physiotherapists play a strong role in diagnosis and treatment of many balance related disorders.

What is Dizziness:

Dizziness and vertigo can mean many different things to people however this the roots of the words are usually based around alterations in orientation and movement sensations which results in feelings of unsteadiness, difficulty with vision (i.e. feeling like you or objects around you are spinning), posture and walking.

Common Cause:

There are many causes of dizziness however the most common two areas which cause dizziness in which we see is the vestibular apparatus – a very small organ within your ear which aides in balance.

The most vestibular related disorder that Physiotherapists see is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). It is generally thought to be caused by debris or “ear rocks” which collect within part of the inner ear.

This is commonly characterised by dizziness symptoms that lasts < 2 minutes and that is triggered with suddenly turning your head or laying down.

Our Physiotherapists in Kew, Preston and Oakleigh are trained to perform specific BPPV diagnostic and treatment manoeuvres which should considerably assist your symptoms.

So if you wake up one day and feel like you feel as though you are spinning like a washing machine, come and see one of our expert physiotherapists who will assess and treat your dizziness accordingly!